• Gamescom 2012 – People got to play my track!

    I meant to write updates for this every day while I was in Germany but didn’t fancy writing it all on my phone. Finally got around to getting some of the photos off of my camera too.

    "Welcome to F1 Race Stars"

    So I made the yearly pilgrimage to Gamescom in Cologne once again, this year being a special year for me as it was the first time I have ever seen a game I have had a hand in creating in the hands of the public. It was quite an odd experience as while I was very excited, I was also quite anxious as I hoped everything would go smoothly and everyone enjoyed the game.

    Gamescom 2012

    We were hosted on the Namco Bandai stand in hall 9 along with F1 2012 which had a large presence right in front of the main door for one of the main halls, a great spot to be seen first as this was also the first hall that punters pass on their way in. I made a rush to get in as the doors open and head straight to our stand where queues had already began to form.

    Huge crowds for F1 2012

    Behind the F1 2012 stand was the F1 Race Stars stand where I could finally see the hard work from our team over the past year or so on show. The game looked great and the smiles and friendly rivalries during 2 player split screen were very rewarding. The game was very stable and there was always someone playing, often 2 or 3 times in a row! It’s great to see how friends laugh and cheer when one is oh so close to winning and their friend gets a last minute seeker bubble and steals the win.

    Smiles all around and a pat on the back for the winner

    Well done to the F1 Race Stars team. We’ve got something special here for sure. I can’t wait till we release and I can play get my mates round for some big lan games.

    The stand were never empty, very exciting!

    Looking forward to seeing this on the shelves 🙂

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