Welcome to my portfolio website. I'm a Level Designer currently working at Codemasters Birmingham. I've most recently finished working on the chaotic family-friendly racing game Toybox Turbos for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Toybox Turbos (Xbox360, PS3 PC)

Toybox Turbos is a top-down tabletop racer released in November 2014 which was inspired by the classic Micro Machines games. This project has allowed me to use knowledge gained from previously released games I had worked on to design and create 6 interesting and exciting levels. It's been a lot of fun to work on something so nostalgic.

F1 Race Stars (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

Launched in November 2012 is my first credit as a Level Designer and has been an exciting game to start on. Working as part of an extremely talented and knowledgeable team, this project really kept me on my toes and I was presented with new and interesting challenges to solve every day.

F1 Race Stars iOS (iPhone & iPad)

After completing the console development of F1 Race Stars we started working on building the iOS version from scratch, re-using assets where possible to create a great experience tailored for the platform. During development I designed and created 10 new levels for release.

"Cyberpunk" Project (Personal - Unity 3D)

My personal project has no name yet but rest assured whatever it is it'll be awesome. As part of a 3 person team I am responsible for level design, game design and environment art for this cyberpunk themed first-person (possibly multiplayer) shooter/RPG.

Jordan Woodward - Level Designer - United Kingdom